Stock Number
SP 3002
SP 3003--SP 3004
CTI Records
United States
vinyl album, cassette album, 8-track, open reel tape.
Released: 1967-9
Recording Notes
Gatefold original. Reissued as AM+ (Audio Maser Plus), original cover was red, vinyl reissues and CDs were green because the negative was reversed during printing. Recorded May 22-24, 1967.
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Wave 00:02:50
2 The Red Blouse 00:05:00
3 Look to the Sky 00:02:15
4 Batidinha 00:03:12
5 Triste 00:02:02
6 Mojave 00:02:20
7 Dialogo 00:02:48
8 Lamento 00:02:41
9 Antigua 00:03:05
10 Captain Bacardi 00:04:27
Chart Peak Date
Billboard Pop Albums 114 1968-1-13
Personnel Role
Abe Kessler cello
Antonio Carlos Jobim piano
Antonio Carlos Jobim piano
Antonio Carlos Jobim guitar
Bernard Eichen violin
Bobby Rosengarden drums
Charles McCracken cello
Claudio Slon drums
Claus Ogerman arranger
Claus Ogerman conductor