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A Gift Of Song

A Gift of Song

A Gift Of Song/An Old Fashioned Love Song

A Gift Of Song/Never My Love

A Song Of Joy/The Long and Winding Road

A&M Digitally Remastered Best

A&M Gold Series

A&M Startrax

An Old Fashioned Love Song

An Old Fashioned Love Song/Leland Loftis


Angelique/Softly As I Leave You/Quando M'Innamoro/Cuando Sali de Cuba

Beyond the Valley Of the Dolls/Santo Domingo

Bon Soir Dame/Woman

Cancion de Amor

Cantan en Espanol

Cantan En Espanol

Cantan En Espanol Vol. 2

Cantan en Espanol Vol. 2

Canto de Osanha

Cast Your Fate to the Wind

Chotto Matte Kudasi

Chotto Matte Kudasi/A Gift Of Song

Chotto Matte Kudasi/Free to Carry On

Chotto Matte Kudasi/Sound Of Love

Chotto Motte Kudasi/Free to Carry On

Come Saturday Morning

Come Saturday Morning/Carmen/The Windmills Of Your Mind/The More I Love You

Come Saturday Morning/Pretty Flamingo

Come Saturday Morning/The Wonder Of You

Come Saturday Morning/To Put Up With You

Cuando Me Enamoro/Angelica

Cuando Sali de Cuba

Cuando Sali de Cuba/Softly As I Leave You

Cuando Sali de Cuba/The French Song

El Mar

En Castellano

For Baby/La Bamba


Free to Carry On/Whole World In His Hands (He's Got the)

Glass/It's Over

Golden Double Deluxe

Golden Prize

Greatest Hits



Guantanamera/Cast Your Fate to the Wind/Enamorado/Strangers In the Night

Guantanamera/Cast Your Fate to the Wind/La Bamba/For Baby

Guantanamera/Cuando Sali de Cuba

Guantanamera/Inamorado/Cast Your Fate to the Wind/Strangers In the Night


Guantanamera/La Bamba/La Mer/What Makes You Dream Pretty Girl

Guantanamera/Leland Loftus

Guantanamera/Strangers In the Night/Enamorado/Cast Your Fate to the Wind

Guantanamera/What Makes You Dream Pretty Girl?

Guantanamera/What Makes You Dream Pretty Girl?/Everything In the Garden/Stage Door

Guantanamera/What Makes You Dream, Pretty Girl?

Himno a Alegria/The Wonder Of You/Come Saturday Morning/The Long and Winding Road

Hurry to Me/Chi Dice Non Da

I Successi Dei Sandpipers

It's Over/Glass

Kum-Ba-Yah/Canto de Sirena


Kumbaya/Lo Mucho Que te Quiero

Kumbaya/Yellow Days


La Bamba

La Bamba/Enamorado

Leland Loftus/Never My Love

Let Go!

Let Go!/Suzanne

Libre/ Sensacional

Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero

Lo Mucho Te Quiero/Porque Te Vas?

Louie Louie

Louie Louie/Things We Said Today

Louie Louie/Things We Said Today/La Bamba/Angelica

Louie Louie/Things We Said Today/Sasera Gli Angeli Non Volano

Louie, Louie

Louie, Louie/Things We Said Today


Misty Roses

Never Can Say Goodbye/An Old Fashioned Love Song

Ojos de Espana/Cancion de Amor

Portrait Of the Sandpipers

Quando M'Inamoro/Wooden Heart

Quando M'Innamoro

Quando M'Innamoro/Angelique

Quando M'Innamoro/Cuando Sali de Cuba/Louie Louie

Quando M'Innamoro/I'll Remember You

Quando M'Innamoro/La Bamba

Quando M'Innamoro/Wooden Heart

Quando Sali De Cuba

Rain Rain Go Away

Reason to Believe/To Put Up With You

San Remo '68

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo/Beyond the Valley Of the Dolls