TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Dance Fever 1986-3-1 Silver Shadow
Solid Gold 1986-3-1 Secret Lovers
American Bandstand 1986-3-22 Secret Lovers/Interview/If Your Heart Isn't in It
Top of the Pops 1986-3-27 Secret Lovers
Soul Train 1986-3-29 Secret Lovers/If Your Heart Isn't in It
Soul Train 1985-3-2 Freak-a-Ristic/Silver Shadow
Soul Train 1983-10-22 Circles/Touch a Four Leaf Clover
New American Bandstand 1982-5-8 Circles
Soul Train 1981-3-14 When Love Calls/Am I Dreaming
Soul Train 1978-10-28 Stand Up/Keep It Coming