TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Joey Bishop Show 1969-2-27
Ed Sullivan Show 1969-3-2
Joey Bishop Show 1969-4-1
Joey Bishop Show 1969-6-4
Hit Scene 1969-7-5 Love Is All We Have to Give
Hit Scene 1969-7-12 Black Pearl
Mike Douglas Show 1969-8-25
Della 1969-8-29
Hit Scene 1969-9-13 Love Is All We Have to Give
Mike Douglas Show 1969-9-17
Playboy After Dark 1969-11-5 Sweet Caroline/Proud Mary
Hollywood Palace 1968-3-2 Soul Man
Operation Entertainment (Los Angeles, CA) 1968-3-29
Joey Bishop Show 1968-7-17
Smothers Brothers Summer Show 1968-9-1
Playboy After Dark 1968-9-13 She's Looking Good/Sunny
Hollywood Palace 1968-10-12
Hollywood Palace 1968-10-19
Mike Douglas Show 1968-10-28
Merv Griffin Show 1968-10-30
Playboy After Dark 1968-11-26 Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay
Playboy After Dark 1968-12-16 Hey Jude